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March 2007

Defining Online Conversion: Combining Action and Exposure Elements

The conversion rate metric can be used to measure anything you want to track, analyze and optimize, and is by no means linked only to sales or subscribers and your website. Learn how to combine different action and exposure elements to come up with your own conversion rate formulas.

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Defining Online Conversion: The Multi-Channel Component

Online conversion is not only the result of online activities. Rather, the conversion process can be initiated by an offline channel, such as direct mail, catalog, flyer, TV advertising, mobile, print advertising and even radio advertising ... or even prompted by brand or retail. How does this figure into our conversion measurement and optimization?

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The Quiet Revolution in Teleshopping

The teleshopping industry is undergoing a quiet revolution. Here are the key points I made about a subject at a teleshopping conference in Germany this week.

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Defining Online Conversion: The Conversion Time Component

Conversion rate measurement and optimization must also take the time component into consideration. A conversion can happen instantly or over a longer period of time. If you're measuring your purchase/visitor conversion rate, the purchase might happen on the first visit, after a few visits or even months after someone has visited your website, subscribed to your e-zine and received weekly communications from you. What implications does this have for your conversion measurement and optimization?

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Defining Online Conversion: The Process Component

The real benefits of conversion measurement and conversion optimization come when you start measuring and optimizing on several levels. We start with macro-actions and micro-actions, and then introduce the concept of Internet Processing, with your internet marketing macro-process, micro-processes and micro-actions. You need to measure and optimize conversion for all of them.

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