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February 2007

Defining Online Conversion: What Is It?

What is the correct definition of the conversion rate, what does it really tell us, how precise is it and what can we do with it?

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How Traffic Sources Impact Test Element Conversion Rates

In the last article of the case against industry conversion benchmarking and simplistic conversion analysis, we take a look at a website testing two elements, and using two traffic sources to do it. What if there is no clear CR winner?

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Selling Eric T. Peterson's Books

Eric T. Peterson continues showing the practical implications of his visitor engagement metric by analyzing his own website, questioning what he can do to increase the sales of his books to visitors referred to his site by some of the bloggers that are delivering traffic with high engagement but low sales conversion. Let's try some basic optimization techniques ...

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I Want a Lower Conversion Rate!

When is a lower conversion rate better than a higher one? A case in point ...

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Conversion Benchmarking Hell, Part #2

What happens with conversion rate benchmarking when we start figuring in advertising costs, revenues, CPOs and profitability? Does it still make sense to benchmark against industry standards?

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Conversion Benchmarking Hell, Part #1

Everyone wants to compare your website conversion to the industry benchmark figures. But in reality, conversion benchmarking is the biggest hoax in the interactive marketing industry.

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My Online Analytics Reading List

My personal list of top online analytics and optimization daily resources. These guys take no prisoners and always provide only top-notch advice and insights.

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Why You Should Pay Attention to the Interactive Optimization and Analytics Blog

Get the spin on interactive marketing optimization from an e-commerce director's point of view, working from the perspective that every online activity needs to generate a positive ROI, and learn channel integration strategies and processes that combine everything from direct response television, telemarketing and direct mail to online.

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