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The infoMarketing e-Zine

Providing strategic semi-monthly marketing diaries, views, commentary, ideas, studies and advice for the professional marketer.

What's the catch?

We believe in three things:
a) learning by example and studying real-life experience;
b) sharing practical marketing info and data that can help you increase your marketing results;
c) marketing is becoming increasinly based on relevant information, hence the name infoMarketing e-zine.

In affect, it's all about added value for the customer, a successful marketing model, communication, metrics, analysis and optimization.

Twice or once a month you'll receive:

  • Marketing experience diaries
  • Extraordinary marketing case studies to boost your creative juices
  • Commentary on the latest developments in the marketing world
  • Practical how-to advice and ideas

Your e-mail will never be sold or given away to any third parties. The only thing you'll ever receive from us is the promised e-zine and an occasional notice about our new services or product, but not more than one such mailing per month.

Subscribe here today:

If you would like us to answer any specific question in the e-zine for you, please e-mail it to us at:

If you no longer wish to receive the infoMarketing e-zine please send a blank e-mail to . You will be removed immediately and will never again receive any e-mails from

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